We have extensive product offerings across key categories

With our flexible approach to product sourcing, Gowa Foods really is your one stop shop for all your protein needs. Our philosophy is simple; if you are successful, we are successful.

You are welcome to download our products list at the bottom of this page. 

Please call us on 02 9439 2050 to enquire the current price of the products that you are interested in.


We supply both Grass Fed and Grain Fed beef across a number of different cuts. We understand the need our customers have to always balance quality and value so Gowa Foods offers a variety of pricing levels based on the needs of our customers.


Through long standing relationships with our Wagyu producers, Gowa is able to supply the highest quality Wagyu that Australian producers have to offer. Across a range of different cuts and Marble scores, Gowa is able to work with their customers when developing menu plans or special promotions. 

Fresh Sashimi Grade Salmon

As one of the biggest Dry Filleting operations in Sydney, we prepare your products and deliver fresh the same day.

Fresh Seafood and Market Fish

We source a range of fresh fish daily straight from the auction floor at the Sydney Fish Market.


Our extensive range of pork products are sourced from only the highest quality producers; everything from Strip loin, Belly, through to slice, we can provide you the best quality.


Gowa foods sources daily fresh chicken so our customers can be confident of quality every day.

Frozen Seafood

We carry all the standard frozen seafood products like prawns, scampi, calamari, Japanese Sashimi grade scallops etc.